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Enterprises Get Increased Scalability, Agility From Verizon And Cisco (SD-WAN)

San Jose, Calif., June 16, 2017 — Enterprises will now have access to a library of Cisco-based Virtual Network Functions (VNF) from Verizon using Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services (VMS) to speed business processes and work more efficiently. 

Cisco’s VMS provides Verizon with a platform for rapid provisioning, zero touch automation and centralized policy management for Cisco’s Intelligent Wide-Area Network (WAN) service offering. Verizon is the first global network service provider to deploy the Intelligent WAN service.

Verizon and Cisco continue to innovate together for enterprise customers with the adoption of VMS. With the VMS platform, Verizon and Cisco will be able to offer seamless delivery of Cisco virtualized platform and solutions in the future. This will provide faster time to market for combined offerings.

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