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Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) - SDN Use Case Proof Of Concept Presentations

Experts from the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) discuss two SDN Use Case Proof of Concept Demonstrations in a new video that can be accessed here

Use Cases:  (1) Data Center Interconnect with Programmability and (2) Automated Provisioning: Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service(VPLS).


David J. Stern, ID22, Electronics Engineer, SDN Technical Lead
Eric Yao, ID22, Electronics Engineer, DISA SDN Workgroup

Use Case One:  Use SDN to dynamically program flows between data centers to augment existing connectivity for priority flows. Using software, dynamically adjust flows using low latency connectivity and centrally manage all flows between data centers. Additionally, facilitate transport of virtual machines from one data center to another (likely in concert with an orchestration agent of a product such as VMWARE NSX) and seamlessly redirect traffic without changing IP addressing or requiring path changes to be distributed via route convergence.

Vendors: Plexxi Switch 2 (L1-L2-L3 switch), VMWare VSphere 6.0 / ESXi (VSPHERE VM movement between CDCs), Ciena 6500 (DWDM optics), Safenet CN6200 (L2 Encryption with Flow Security/TRANSEC), Telegrid (L2 Flow Stuffer)

Use Case Two:  This use case focuses on migration of services on existing infrastructure to SDN control on a service by service (interface/sub-interface by interface/sub-interface) basis. DISA seeks to automate the provisioning of a service to eliminate redundant and unnecessary human to machine interfaces for tasks that are capable of being effectively implemented with the automation that is possible through SDN. Automation of the current L2 Private LAN service that is implemented with VPLS (BGP based) worldwide is desired. The approach is to integrate a HTML client based order entry within Storefront that interacts through a new orchestration engine to manage the service through SDN and a SDN controller for one or more services on existing IPT-PE interfaces. The intent is to give the customer ordering options and near real-time service availability information at the time of order (new service start, existing service stop, existing service modify); to give the service manager near real-time service status information; to give the service manager the ability to reduce provisioning times through interface pre-positioning, interface reservation, and service provisioning automation. Further, this use case seeks to use automation to assist the service manager with automating the tear down of endpoints that are no longer needed or are isolated (i.e. single endpoint passing no traffic).

Vendors: ID22 (internally developed code), ZohoCorp/WebNMS (Orchestrator), Juniper AS-MLC (Compute blade on IPT-PE), JDSU TrueSpeed (Automated Tester)