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TelecomTV Q&A With Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF: Unavoidable Industry Transformation & MEF's Role

TelecomTV - Interview with Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF -  The communications service provider industry is undergoing an indisputable transformation from static services and manual process towards a "cloud native" approach in which on-demand services will be delivered over automated and virtualized networks (emulating what the OTT cloud companies have done with hyper-scale data centers, machine operations, etc.). CSPs realize they face a threat of commodization with connectivity services, and they need to be much more efficient and agile in rolling out new services. It is all about "automation."  Building upon a strong Carrier Ethernet heritage, MEF is doing its part to accelerate this tranformation and realize the organization's Third Network vision.  MEF is focused on enabling a full range of orchestrated Layer 1 -3 connectivity services as well as orchestrated virtualized services enabled by LSO, SDN, and NFV.

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