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TelecomTV/MEF16: Josh Goodell, VP, AT&T Network On Demand, AT&T - Delivering Agility, Flexibility & Control With Differentiated Services

TelecomTV at MEF16: Josh Goodell, VP, AT&T Network On Demand - Over the past year, AT&T has expanded its Network On Demand portfolio beyond Switched Ethernet to included Managed Internet and NFV-based FlexWare services with the goal of giving customers greater agility, flexibility, and control. Since its launch in 2015, more than 2,000 businesses have signed up for AT&T Network on Demand solutions, including more than 1,300 for Switched Ethernet with on-demand capabilities. AT&T has rearchitected its entire core network -- leveraging SDN and orchestration technologies -- to meet the demands of video traffic and is now utilizing that network to deliver differentiated services. Switched Ethernet and Managed Internet services are core services going out to the network edge, while FlexWare is an edge service. Josh explained FlexWare: "What we're doing is taking the traditional approach of proprietary boxes out on the edge of the network and really turning that model on its head. And so what we have now is a model where customers will have a single device on the edge that can run multiple functions on that device - whether it be routing, WAN acceleration, security -- and they can dynamically choose what functions they want." SD-WAN is tied into the FlexWare service. 

Josh elaborated on AT&T's SDN interoperability trial with Colt Technology Services and the importance of MEF LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) work. "One of the elements of MEF that is really is interesting is their concept of LSO. One of the core tenants is helping us expand the value of SDN and NFV not just within one carrier space but across carriers. And the work with Colt is a great example of how we are expanding the value proposition of an SDN network - that SDN core that I talked about earlier -- really across the world. And with this Proof of Concept, we demonstrated that it's possible to have endpoints in the United States and endpoints in the UK all federated with one network connection. And that's very unique. So, we're excited to not just be talking about this stuff. We're actually out there making it happen."

Josh summarized AT&T's journey in 3 phases: (1) rethink how AT&T delivers network services over a rearchitected core network, (2) deliver new agility, flexibility, and control value to customers with Network on Demand, and (3) drive the industry forward by expanding upon these new approaches and principles. "We think there's value not just for us, but for the industry. I think MEF is a conduit. They're a catalyst for that. One of the reasons we're so excited is that we see complete alignment with what we're trying to do and what MEF is trying to do, and we'll work closely together on this." | 7:31 minutes.

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