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TelecomTV/MEF16: Open Networking Panel With MEF Technical Leaders

TelecomTV at MEF16 – Panel interview with senior MEF representatives: (1) Shahar Steiff, VP, New Technology, PCCW Global; Director, MEF; Technical & Operations Committee Co-Chair, MEF; (2) Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF; and (3) Raghu Ranganathan, Principal & Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO, Ciena; MEF Distinguished Fellow; Director, MEF; Technical & Operations Committee Co-Chair, MEF. Pascal explains that MEF's concept of open networking centers on LSO open APIs (North-South and East-West) that can be used with either open source or closed source solutions. Shahar emphasizes the importance of using Open APIs to automate service lifecycle processes within and between service providers, leading to increased efficiency. Raghu notes that service providers can introduce greater agility in operating their networks by creating an abstract view of their networks that allows them to use open APIs to program the network. Raghu elaborates, "If you generally ask the question of open networking, it's not just about open hardware, but it is also about open software working together via these APIs. That is the most critical puzzle you need to solve." In addition to increased operational efficiency, open networking will allow service providers to transition from a hardware-centric view to a software-centric view, where services can be created in software in almost real-time as the customer demands. This requires a cultural change on the part of service providers and will enable customers to have much greater control over service capabilities. As Pascal explains, MEF has introduced a number of open initiatives, including OpenLSO and OpenCS (Open Connectivity Services) reference implementations, to help accelerate LSO development and deployment. Shahar summarizes MEF's approach as (1) standardizing service definitions, (2) standardizing operational processes, (3) standardizing  orchestration, and (4) creating the open initiative reference implementations that provide feedback to accelerate LSO development. Shahar notes, "MEF is probably the only organization in the industry that handles all four together."  | 17:33 Minutes


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