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TelecomTV/MEF16 – Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global – Need Commercial Interfaces  For Dynamic Services Orchestrated Across Multiple Providers

TelecomTV at MEF16 – Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global discusses why his company has been among the first to embrace SDN, NFV, and LSO and has played a leading role in MEF to help drive LSO development and adoption.  PCCW Global is especially interested in creating LSO-related commercial interfaces to handle the new generation of dynamic Third Network services that are orchestrated across multiple providers.  “Now we are headed to a bandwidth-on-demand, dynamic environment where the commercial parameters are no longer two-dimension. They are three-dimensional and perhaps even more. We have to be able to create wholesale infrastructures for commercial settlement between carriers for bandwidth, for bandwidth variations by destinations, by applications, by services. We’ll be looking at network flows and other various activities. We’ll be looking to see what are the new units of currency that transpire wholesale between and among networks to support end-users.”  Marc challenges the industry: “It is time, first and foremost, that physical networks assure that on-demand, software-based infrastructure can be transacted on a wholesale basis in order to give customers the breadth of every global network that may exist. And secondly, that the physical ecosystems also learn how to sensibly interconnect commercially with the cloud players to give the customer a singular experience.”  Marc elaborates, “If we are able to wholesale commercial settlements, it will open up network infrastructure to end users far more aggressively and will incent, perhaps, the advent of greater applications than can be developed over common networks.” | 8:55 Minutes

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